Making the targets more challenging

August 22nd, 2014 at 12:00 pm by David Farrar

National announced:

Better-than-expected progress in reducing crime and having more young people attain higher qualifications means these two Better Public Service targets will be made more challenging if National is returned to government after the election.

The two targets are among 10 this Government has set to ensure the money invested in public services actually delivers demonstrable gains for New Zealanders, National Party Finance Spokesman Bill English and State Services Spokesman Jonathan Coleman say.

“For too long, governments have considered that spending more money equates to fixing problems, even when the evidence shows that simply isn’t the case,” Mr English says.

“That’s why our Government considers results rather than more spending as the best measure of the effectiveness of public services.

“In 2012, we set measurable targets in 10 challenging areas to improve the lives of New Zealanders, particularly the most vulnerable, and it’s pleasing that our six-monthly updates show good progress.

“In two targets, the results have been so much better than anticipated that we’re lifting the bar so we aim for even more improvement.”

The new targets are:

• Raising the proportion of 25 – 34-year-olds who will have advanced trade qualifications, diplomas and degrees by 2017 to 60 per cent – up from 55 per cent in the current target.

• Reducing the total crime rate by 20 per cent from June 2011 to June 2017 – up from the current target reduction of 15 per cent.

I think it is a very good thing, that when a target is met, you don’t just rest on your laurels, but then make it a more challenging target.

3 Responses to “Making the targets more challenging”

  1. radvad (948 comments) says:

    Working For New Zealanders.

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  2. flipper (5,180 comments) says:

    Yep…it is working of New Zealanders….

    I would change one thing- the name.

    All state servants are funded by taxpayers. Ergo, name them “taxpayer service targets”.

    Buggermilky and cardigan wearing the PC bull mob.

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  3. Fisiani (1,178 comments) says:

    Progress can only be made if we keep a John Key led National government. It’s that simple. Vote for it.

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