Police Association wishlist

Stuff reports:

A blanket gang patch ban, raising the drinking age to 20, harsher penalties for fleeing drivers, and Tasers for all cops are some of the election year suggestions from the .

My views:

  • Blanket gang patch ban – no. the state should not dictate what you can wear in public.
  • Drinking age to 20 – no. Give it up. Parliament has now voted three times in 12 years for an age of 18.
  • Harsher penalties for fleeing drivers – yes. There needs to be a greater incentive for people not to flee from the Police, and end up killing themselves and/or others.
  • Tasers for all cops – possibly. I’d like to see data to back that up. How often does a cop have a situation where a taser would have been useful and justified?


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