Margaret Wilson must go

Attorney-General Margaret Wilson must go. The Attorney-General is NZ’s top law official and the convention for almost 1,000 years has been that they put the law above politics when making decisions such as appointing Judges, deciding what cases to prosecute etc.

Despite the “unambigious” opinion of the Solictor-General that Dynhoven’s seat fell vacant on 11 June, Wilson voted to over-ride the opinion of her own legal Chief Executive in a shocking display of partisanship. She has just told all of NZ that she effectively has no confidence in the legal reasoning of her own Solictor-General.

Wilson claims it was a “valid if courageous decision to declare the law ambiguous”. About as courageous as a weasel.

And this is the woman who next year may appoint all seven Judges of the Supreme Court of NZ. Her record to date of appointments such as De Bres, Bathgate, Henry and Fortain is about as bad as one can get. There can now be no doubt at all that Wilson will choose to ignore the advice of the Solicotor-General and Chief Justice and appoint her own partisan mates as Judges.

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