Two good weekly reads

Two good weekly reads I can recommend. One is put out on Fridays by Murray McCully. It is always funny, often controversial and widely read “apprehensive colleagues, even more apprehensive members of the Government, media and defamation lawyers”.

St Molesworth also appears most Fridays and does a good job of copying the famous Dave Letterman’s Top 10 lists with home grown versions. The latest list is “Top 10 Winston Peters explanations for the taxi incident” and is appended below. No 9 is especially good!

Top 10 Winston Peters explanations for the taxi incident

1. I simply wanted the opportunity to discuss New Zealand First’s law
and order policy with the local Wellington constabulary.

2. He asked if Death with Dignity was the name of my electorate

3. Now I’m not a racist but he was playing a really loud tape of some
godawful screeching wop camel music.

4. He could name more New Zealand First MPs than I could.

5. When I asked him to take me home, he tried to drop me off at Santa Fe.

6. The taxi driver demanded an extra $70 for ‘laundering’ and we don’t
stand for that kind of white collar fraud.

7. He asked where I buy my built-up shoes.

8. The taxi didn’t have a single malt mini bar.

9. He asked my female companion what high school she went to.

10. He claimed my suit had been made by his uncle in Mogadishu.

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