Media Bias

I was appalled listening to Paul Holmes interview the PM on their regular Monday morning slot.

I have no problem that the PM gets a weekly slot, and other party leaders do not, because the idea is the the Head of the Government can talk about what the Government is doing.

But the very first question Holmes asks her is what she thinks of National’s suspension of Maurice Williamson. Hello. That is not a Government issue. The PM does not get free air time to be a political commentator.

Even worse is that Holmes’ next question was to ask her whether she thought the suspension was a loss for Bill English. How can she avoid responding to a patsy worthy of her most ardent backbencher, so obviously she says yes it is. Never mind that English is the one person in NZ who can realistically defeat her as PM, which might make her less than an impartial observer in all this.

This is just calling out for a BSA complaint.

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