What is all the fuss about?

I have followed the Hutton inquiry quite closely and unlike NZ Pundit , have resisted killing several cyber rainforests describing it.

However I have managed to reach some conclusions, which I will share:

1) Andrew Gilligan and the BBC lied
2) David Kelly lied (his testimony to the select committee was contradicted by a tape reording)
3) There has not been a shred of proof Alistair Campbell did what was claimed, or that he has lied.

So what is all the fuss about? As far as I can tell – just two things.

a) Alistair Campbell offered suggestions on wording. Well f**k me did – that is his job. That is totally ordinary

b) The Government helped release Kelly’s name. Well personally he should never have been told it would be kept private. He leaked to the media (a sackable offence), lied to the media and lied to Parliament. Civil Servants can’t do that.

It is very sad that he killed himself, but IMO he is largely a victim of his own actions.

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