The PM takes a minor swipe at me!

To my great surprise Prime Minister Helen Clark dredged up during today’s parliamentary question time, a nine year old incident involving me. She must be getting rather desperate.

One day I’ll blog the full details of the incident which is very very humourous but the ten second version is that in 1994 myself and a mate prematurely announced the assassination of Michael Laws. Most disappointment focused on the fact it was not true 🙂

The transcript of the question is below

Hon Bill English: Can the Prime Minister comment on the example she thinks it gives when she behaved in the way I have outlined in the context of “paintergate”, when she has effectively condoned a dishonesty offence in her own department; and where she refuses to take action against members of the Labour research unit who certainly broke the rules around Parliament in the last few days by putting an obscenity on the door of Shane Ardern’s office?

Rt Hon HELEN CLARK: Those researchers have apologised to Mr Ardern, as they should. I should say that such episodes are not unique. A National Party researcher once sent out faxes proclaiming the death of Michael Laws and ended up in court, and his accomplice is now in the office of the Leader of the Opposition.

I am the accomplice it seems. When it happened neither myself or Mike Moore (no not that one) actually worked in Parliament so Helen got that wrong. She also picked a bad comparison as we did get charged and prosecuted unlike the Labour Researchers. Also Helen forgot to mention that in fact one of her own Cabinet Ministers wrote a letter to the court in support of us!

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