Lianne and Donna both hanging on

Donna Awatere-Huata is now just two steps away from being the first (and probably the only) MP to be expelled from Parliament under the Electoral Integrity Act after losing her bid for an injunction.

She claims the judgement means “a leader can sack anyone that they don’t like and that’s intolerable in a democracy” which is not totally untrue and that is exactly what the law passed by Helen Clark and Jim Anderton allows. If you don’t like it, blame Clark and Anderton.

Meanwhile I was staggered that the Prime Minister has refused to accept Lianne Dalziel’s resignation. The Minister twice blantantly lied to the media – this was not a mistake or an error of judgement as they try to spin it. This was someone who is the Associate Minister of Justice looking down a camera lens and telling blatant untruths which she *knew* was wrong.

Other MPs who have been caught out deliberately lying such as Moyle and Laws actually had to resign from Parliament totally. If this is not a resignation offence, then this will set a new low in standards for NZ. Being “hard working” does not mean one can lie and get away with it. Well not unless you are Helen’s friend.

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