Dalziel a goner!

It is ironic that just last week I was praising Lianne Dalziel for her performance on Immigration.

Now I can only conclude that she is about to resign or be sacked. As a friend of Helen’s of course it will be a Claytons sacking and she will stay as a Cabinet Minister with other portfolios, but I can not see how she can continue with crediblity as NZ’s Immigration Minister.

As Stuff reports, Dalziel has publicly lied twice, and possibly a third time also.

She said on Monday night she did not know how TV3 got the notes from the lawyer to the Sri Lankan girl. And then she said on Wednesday’s Morning Report she had not leaked the notes.

I suspect the public hates even more than an outright lie, an MP who tries to play cute with the truth and effectively say “No I did not leak the paper …. and then find out she did get her Press Secretary to do it for her.”

This is enough for a resignation, but on top of that it is also looking less and less likely that the notes were gained by the girl’s lawyer faxing them to the Prime Minister, but by Immigration staff stealing them from the girl’s room as that was the only copy of them which had the guinea pig on it.

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