A bad hair week for Dyson

Ruth Dyson is definitely having a bad week. She started it by having a privilege complaint laid against her for lying in the House.

Then she called MP Katherine Rich a “tart”. Then she lied about whether she had said it. Then she made a half baked apology which mainly consisted of attacking Katherine some more.

Today we learn from NZPA that despite thinking it is okay to refer to political opponents as tarts, she expressed outrage in 2002 that Judith Collins had allegedly called DPBers “scrubbers”. Only problem is Judith had done no such thing so Dyson had to apologise and withdraw her allegation in the face of a defamation suit.

We also learn from the Dominion Post that Dyson has been ordered by Helen Clark to do a proper apology, and in writing for her “tart” comment.

It is really hard not to associate the terms “liar” and “hypocrite” with Minister Dyson on the basis of the last week.

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