Women’s Affairs Minister calls MP an “irresponsible tart”

This is just simply unbelievable hypocrisy of the highest order. As TVNZ reported, as they caught it on tape, the Minister of Women’s Affairs of all people called National MP Katherine Rich an “irresponsible tart” simply because Katherine was asking her questions at a select committee hearing.

NZPA reports that dictionaries define “tart” as a prostitute or promiscuous woman. My thesaurus lists synonyms as floozy, slut, strumpet, tootsie, trollop, and whore. A lovely thing to call the young highly respected mother of two (and one of the nicest people I know).

First of all I love a Minister convicted of drink driving, labelling someone else as irresponsible. Then we get to see her natural ability to lie by denying that she said, what she was recorded as saying. She claimed she could not recall saying it. I’m sorry but what a lying so and so she is.

Then after TVNZ has played the tape to the nation, does she finally concede she did say it, but tries to justify it by saying it “was not intended to be on the record” as if that matters, and makes her apology totally hollow by saying it was due to her “frustration at her [Rich’s] attempt to make political advantage out of notifications”. And even her apology is a Helen Clark type one where she does not apologise for what she did, just for if it caused offence. Hello, how could it not?

Dyson should have simply said that her comments were totally inappropriate, apologised for them, and pledged not to lower her standards again.

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