Bloody Predictive Texting

You all know that really cool feature with text messaging where it guesses the word you want. Well sometimes it gets it rather wrong!

3.33 pm text from Charlotte: “Boo! How’s work? I’m bored”

3.37 pm text from said “I have just done my tax return” (March PAYE) and was meant to finish with “Fancy a meal after work?”.

Unfortunately my cellphone thought something else, and as I didn’t check it before I pushed send, it said “Fancy a neck after work?”.

Now’s that fairly unsubtle, even for me!

Note both use the 6325 combination.

Just to make things worse I phoned a mutual friend, Chris, and told him what had happened. Chris has no sympathy for my plight and then texted Charlotte saying “I hear Dave wants to neck you” but he mistyped and sent that to another mutual friend Wendy by mistake. Understandably Wendy (and I imagine her husband) was somewhat baffled and my reputation as a necking solictor gets worse.

New motto: Check before you send!

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