Visiting the Neighbours

A quick check around my neighbouring blogs:

The article in the Guardian comparing to Enoch Powell was so ludicrous that even Russell Brown has posted that he has “some sympathy with Brash in his indignation over the Guardian column”. My own somewhat more powerful opinion is here.

PNN has a must read article on how replied to an e-mail from him calling him a racist and saying she will lay a complaint if he e-mails her again.

Now PNN on his blog can have strong opinions, but his e-mail to Waring was not at all offensive. It pointed out army engineers were actually still working, questioned the wisdom of placating terrorists and challenged that Bush is making to get Jewish votes when most Jewish Americans (by 3:1) are Democrats. Sure she may not want to debate her views (but she did make them on TV) but to call someone racist because she disagrees with them, just shows up her insecurities.

And in the latest round of “Gordy” and “Russ” baiting each other (I am sure they enjoy it greatly), NZ has come out with the Russell Brown Terzain Aporia Prose-Poetry Parody Game.

I already have two entries in. I thought of a third but not one I’d want to put in writing 🙂

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