The Passion of Christ

Probably appropriate on Easter Day to finally blog about the movie. I’ve yet to see it. It’s meant to be such a powerful and moving movie that I feel I should see it, yet the torture scenes are meant to be so prolonged and graphic that I really am not sure I want to see it. My compromise is I’ll wait for it on DVD so I can pause or fast-forward it if it gets too gruesome.

I have found very amusing that the Society for the Promotion of Community Standards (SPCS) which has tried to get hundreds of violent films banned over the years, actually (sucessfully) applied to have The Passion of Christ lowered from R16 to R15. I’m sure all the 15 year olds around NZ are grateful.

The SST has a funny column from Raybon Kan on this issue.

The events of 2,000 years ago seem like fables from a mythical past, but I found when in Rome recently, that an enormous amount of history from that era still exists.

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