Local Government Numbers Cut

NZPA has reported reaction to the determinations of the Local Government Commission which have reduced the size of the Wellington City Council from 20 to 15, and Christchurch City Council from 25 to 13.

Both the Mayors are delighted, and I know why. All my experience with governance bodies is that a size of 20+ is just awful in terms of effectiveness. Even above 14 can be less than ideal, so I’d say the LGC has got it just right.

It will be interesting to see if any Councillors retire than go up against their colleagues for a fewer number of seats.

I note some individuals (I won’t name them due to my Easter vow to be nice) have said having fewer Councillors mean we have less democracy. All I say about that logic is I await the proposal to have a Parliament of 200 MPs, as that would then also be far more democratic by that logic.

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