Well done NZ Herald

It is good to see that investigative journalism is on the increase in NZ, after a few years with very little occuring amongst the major media.

Phil Kitchin, formerly of the Dominion and Dominion Post, and now with TVNZ, stands out with his Awatere-Huata and other stories.

The NZ Herald has done a good job on the Zaoui case by talking to numerous European intelligence sources and security experts.

Their conclusion is Zaoui did not personally blow up civilians himself, but that he probably was giving support to terrorists in the form of money or false documents. A bit like being in Sinn Fein, but not the actual IRA.

Combining that with the actual convictions, is more than enough reason to decline refugee status in my opinion.

For those interested in the Zaoui case, a previous post had 23 comments made to it debating the issue. The posters range from the Free Zaoui campaign to those who want all fundamentalist Muslism denied entry, so it is an interesting read.

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