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Another bad poll for Labour. In fact what has been interesting is how consistent the around 10% gap has been for what is four months now with the Colmar Brunton One News poll.

National 47% (-1)
Labour 37% (+0)
NZ First 5% (+0)
Green 4% (-1)
ACT 3% (+1)
United Future 1% (-1)
Progressives – ha ha ha ha ha

If this reflected an actual election the seat allocation would be:

National 63
Labour 49
NZ First 7
United Future 1
Progressive 1

So a National Government with 63 out of 121 seats

If the Greens and ACT both won an electorate seat and stayed in Parliament, then the results would be:

National 58
Labour 46
NZ First 6
Green 5
United Future 1
Progressive 1

National/ACT could form a Government with 62 out of 121 seats.

In further bad news for Labour, a Marae/Digipoll poll shows Labour having dropped 13% amongst Maori and Clark down 14%.

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