Nice comparisons – not

For a party which claims to be secular, United Future are doing a good job o looking like a bunch of knee jerk fundamentalists.

They are pushing a referendum to repeal the prostiution reform laws (which only legalised solicitation – prostitution has been legal for decades) and claim “we don’t want to see them underground or pushed into back alleys – we think repealing this law will help prostitutes” when it is obvious repeal would do exactly that.

But what really offended me was MP Larry Baldock’s statement “laws concerning rape, incest, molestation and the sexual age of consent showed parliament is willing to determine morality issues”.

Rape does not involve a consensual act. Incest generally does not involve a consensual act. Molestation does not involve a consensual act. The age of consent recognises children are too young to consent.

So Baldock thinks prostitution betwene two consenting adults is on a par with rape and molestation.

Peter Dunne is a decent guy. He must be ashamed of some of his Caucus at times.

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