Nuclear Policy

noted with amusement that as soon as a poll came out that most NZers were actually comfortable replacing a legislative ban with a policy ban, people starting claiming that the proposition was all based on lies, based on the opinion of the Centre for Peace Studies.

NZ Pundit has done an excellent job of highlighting the facts, so read away.

am looking for the downside to a solution that keeps NZ nuclear free (for those who want it), yet also allows our relationship with the US to improve.

Luckily Marian Hobbs has found it. One does have to remember that for most of her adult life Marian was a member of the Communist Party (in fact think she may have left it even after Mikhael Gorbachev left it, and he was the Party’s world wide leader). She thought replacing a legislative ban with a policy ban is “down the greasy slope of being subservient to American policy”.

The reality as have said many times is the ban is a historical nonsense, and putting the issue behind us requires both sides to compromise. The Creech solution seems a sensible way to get a win-win.

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