RMA Changes

It is very timely that National announces its RMA Policy on the day Genesis Energy is in court appealing a court ruling that restricted their water rights from the Whanganui Rover on the basis it would interfere with the “life force” of the river.

This is pretty close to state sponsored voodooism when beliefs in mystical life forces of rivers are given weight in law.

As Owen McShane has pointed out the court case has huge implications for future energy supplies. If the precedent stands that one’s use of a river is limited due to its life-force, then investment in hydopower will dry up pretty quickly.

Especially when you consider nuclear power is not an option, coal is a bad thing with Kyoto, and wind power suffers from NIMBY everywhere.

Oh and also useful to remember that the 75 year old Western Springs Speedway was halted because Marian Hobbs funded the objectors with legal aid.

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