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In a few moments of boredom I deicded to count up the number of posts and number of comments made on each of the NZ political blogs I link to, to see who blogs the most, and which blogs get a lot of debate.

For May 2004 in order from least to most we have:

Heather Roy, NZ Pols and RNZ Bias all have a big zero. Time to delete the links I think (note all blogs mentioned here are linked on the left – I can’t be bothered linking each one again here).

Running Blog Capitalist has four posts and 12 comments. Quality not quantity eh Glenn.

John Tamihere has six posts and no comments (as he doesn’t allow them). Come on John we want more down and dirty goss.

My Right 13 posts and 5 comments

Hard News 16 posts and 0 comments. Russell’s do tend to be very long though.

Fighting Talk has 17 posts amongst the multiple authors.

Big News has 18 posts and 11 comments.

Darkness has 21 posts and a respectable 29 comments.

Just Left is getting there with 22 posts and 28 comments.

KiwiPete has 37 posts and 40 comments.

Aaron Bhatnagar has 38 posts yet no comments. Come on someone please talk back to Aaron.

I had 40 posts in May and 163 comments. Normally I’d have more posts but I had five weekends away travelling and a whole week without posts as I got snowed under. Lots like to argue with me though ๐Ÿ™‚

PNN has a commendable 49 posts and 15 comments.

The Whig was busy with 57 posts, 8 comments and 17,652 downloads of pictures of the (ex) Whigette.

Helen Clark found enough time to make a large 77 posts. Only nine people dared to comment though.

Rodney Hide made 128 posts in May and he only started blogging that month! He needs to get elected just so he has less time on his hands. A huge 346 comments – a real mini Parliament.

No Right Turn obviously needs to get a job, a haircut and a new suit. 152 posts in one month. No comments of course as they are not allowed.

And the supreme winner of the I need a life award is ……. (drum rolls)

NZ Pundit with 158 posts, plus a daughter to look after. As for the number of comments well I counted 115 in just one week so I gave up, estimating probably over 500 for the month.

At the end of June I may do another tally up. Lets see who will be first to make 200 in a month!

UPDATE: I overlooked Kiwi Pundit who has a worthy 32 posts with 31 comments.

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