July bloggers

Another month, another count of blog posts and comments.

I’ve deleted those blogs which are now effectively defunct such as NZ Pols, Heather Roy, Deborah Hill-Cone etc.

The single figures blogs are Tamihere with 4 posts, Span with 5, Grey Shade 6 and Kiwi Pete on 9.

In or neat the teens are

The Belvedere on 10 posts, 2 comments
Kiwi Pundit 11 posts, 10 comments (has been away)
My Right 12 posts, 1 comment
Fighting Talk 14 posts (comments not allowed)
Hard News 15 posts (comments not allowed)
The Whig 15 posts and 20 comments
Peter Metcalph starts blogging with 16 posts and 5 comments
Darkness on 18 posts and 29 comments
PNN topping the teens with 19 posts and 8 comments

Then in the almost daily or better category we have:

Just Left with 27 posts and a large 124 comments
Big News 31 posts, 24 comments
Aaron Bhatnagar 33 posts (comments not allowed)
Holden Republic 43 posts, 1 comment
The Minister speeding away with 49 posts and 35 comments
Kiwiblog (me) on 62 posts and a lively 334 comments
Capital Pundit has an industrious 67 posts and 5 comments
Rodney Hide took advantage of recess to make 83 posts with 330 comments
NZ Pundit has been away a bit but with help from Ackbar made 86 posts with 382 comments

And of the posts is with 108 posts (comments not allowed). Not all of them are about Robert Fisk either (but a lot are!).

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