Simich going List only

Tamaki MP Clem Simich has announced he will not seek National’s nomination for Tamaki next year, but accept a place on the party list.

Simich has been designated as National’s nominee for Speaker, if National is in Government after the 2005 election – a role better suited to a List MP. Simich is well respected by almost all MPs for the job he does as Assistant Speaker as he upholds the rules competently and impartially.

This is quite a change from Speaker Hunt who is as partisan as he is competent (and he is extremely competent) and Deputy Speaker Ann Hartley whom many consider the most incompetent presiding officer in a generation.

With Simich having withdrawn from the race for Tamaki, Tim Rainey has announced his candidacy. I suspect there may be many more to come out of the woodwork in what will be a hard fought selection.

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