Election of Speaker

Voting is underway by personal vote by each MP. The nominees are:

Hon Margaret Wilson (Labour)
Hon Clem Simich (National)
Hon Ken Shirley (ACT)

The first person to vote was Paul Adams from United Future who voted for Margaret Wilson. This was hilarious as I am sure he and God see her as a threat to society. Oh United Future are such good poodles.

Looks like NZ First voting for Simich. Other parties as expected.

UPDATE1: Heh heh funny to hear Margaret Wilson vote for herself. Also that Richard Worth is now Dr Richard Worth. Also weird seeing Jonathan Hunt sitting in the Government ranks. Mind you once Doug Kidd actually spoke in a committee stage debate, just to remind people that the Speaker can take part as a normal MP at Committee of the Whole stage.

UPDATE2: And as totally expected Margaret Wilson is elected Speaker with 64 votes, Simich got 37 and Shirley 5. 106 MPs voted.

Well be slightly strange to hear the phrase “Madam Speaker” but congratulations Madam Speaker.

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