Demonstrating how slippery the moral high ground can be, the Domion Post has reported that Don Brash’s car also may have breached traffic regulations, taking him to the rugby match.

Just as the heat may come off Clark though, she puts her foot in it by suggesting she should have a private plane, stating “I shouldn’t be put in the position where people are complaining about the mode of transport”.

Also Clark appears to have stated she would rather be at home reading a book than attending the a rugby test, which does raise the question of why she attends? McCully has a view.

People may also be interested in the exact law covering this. Section 21(11) of the Traffic 1978 state:

“It shall be a to any person charged with an offence against this regulation if he proves that he was, at the time of the in respect of which he is so charged, the driver of a motor vehicle

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