I fell for it!

made the mistake of believing the Dominion Post that there had also been complaints of Don Brash’s motorcade breaking the law going to the rugby.

But it appears Capital Pundit was correct when he said this looks to be a piece of satire from Labour which the Dominion Post has published without verification.

should have been suspicious that the Dominion Post did not name a single witness. Then reading the latest TVNZ story find out that the motorcade was from Parliament, not Don’s home. Now Parliament is almost next door to the stadium and it would be almost physically impossible to speed, and in the Police have said the car never exceeded 40 km/hr.

The around the stadiums are often packed with pedesterians, so if (and that is a big if) the car did cross the centre line, it probably was to avoid pedesterians. Hell everyone is doing that before and after a test match there.

So this unverified, anonymous is a perfect example of what McCully was railing against.

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