$1200 for hurt feelings

had no idea one can get money just for having hurt feelings. But Andrew MacMillan has managed it.

Great – well if you get $1,200 for not being given a copy of a letter, reckon I should get at least $2,500 for Janette not going out with me at university. And all the cracks about my height over the years must be worth at least $10,000.

Now wait, people might say that you should only get money if it is the Government that hurts your feelings. Well okay – Helen said nasty things about me last year – that has to be worth $1,000. Hmmn, just in case she gets off on parliamentary she also said rude things to me at the 2002 leaders’ so that must get me some loot also.

mean surely surely I’m not ineligible to get money from the Government for hurt feelings just because I am not a convicted killer and rapist?

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