Hallelujah brothers and sisters

Hello punters, yes it is me here. In his wisdom has given me the authority to make posts on his blog – however don’t worry, intend to make mine short, sharp and infrequent. I think Mr Farrar has the best in NZ and I don’t want to stuff it up…

Anyway went down to Parliament today (where I used to work with Mr Farrar) to check out the Destiny March. It was a bizarre event – a mostly Maori crowd with a scattering of brave and green protesters. Unlike Jordan’s rough experience, arrived near the end and found it to be a pretty laid back atmosphere. If anything I felt sorry for the Destiny crowd; most of them seemed to be just following the leader.

think its great if people have something to believe that fufills them spiritually; just as long as they don’t try and force it on me, that is. I was a bit disturbed to hear a speaker complain that “sexual preference should never be a human right” and the crowd’s roar of approval. So the should tell me to be attracted to instead? Piss off.

It raises a few interesting political questions though – are these people just followers of Brian Tamariki, or do they actually represent a sizable chunk of Maori (and non-Maori) NZ voters? If so, will they vote for?

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