New shadow cabinet

Around half an hour ago Don Brash announced his new shadow cabinet and lineup.

The biggest surprise is No3 MP Simon Power becoming Chief Whip with his defence portfolios going to outgoing whip John Carter. However less surprising when one considers that now Simich is effectively designate, it was sensible to move Carter into a portfolio.

No one should be surprised or grudging on Tony Ryall moving to the front bench. He has been exceptionally effective with and order.

Likewise the promotions for and Collins are no surprise. Collins will be a very tough operator against Annette King. Hopefully she can dispatch her as she did with Dalziel.

John is deemed to have served his apprenticeship and is now the full Finance spokesperson.

All in all looks to be an excellent line up to not just hold the Government to account but to be the nucleus of the Cabinet next year.

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