Parole strikes again

The nice caring Government changed the law so that prisoners could get paroled after only one third of their sentence. So Phillip Edwards was released from prison after only five months of an eighteen month sentence.

And 11 days later he killed David McNee.

The laws and system are broken. There is just no excuse to let people out after one third of their sentence. Let alone someone identified as dangerous and likely to reoffend.

I’m somewhat disappointed by the verdict of manslaughter not murder. Even if Edwards was not gay, I don’t think being hit by another man on meets legal standards for loss of control. I also have to say that if one is not gay, then choosing to be a male prostitute is a highly unusual occupation to choose.

The sad thing is Edwards invented a bullshit and with McNee dead and unable to contradict it, he conned the jury. I just hope the Judge sets a long term.

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