All aboard the gravy train

The Press has been doing some good investigative journalism and has discovered that the woman who got taxpapyer funding for her $26,000 hip-hop tour, was also receiving a government funded salary at the time, from another government fund.

It would be nice if the Government paid as much attention to stopping these rorts, as they do to alleging Amokura Panoho attended a Maori Party meeting on work time.

There are a significant number of people in NZ who are professional fund appliers. They live for years and years off government grants for different projects, which all have one thing in commob – paying them money.

This is to be expected when the Government plays Father Christmas with taxpayer money. I recall the delight of some friendws at university when they got a big cheque from the Government to publish a NZ humour magazine. The magazine was rather offensive, and actually got banned in Gore. The irony was that the printer who prinited it was in Gore.

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