How NZ First betrayed provincial NZ

Shane Jones has been trying to say that NZ First got a win for provincial NZ because they got a temporary exemption for onshore oil and gas exploration. This ignores the fact that they chose to put in place a Labour/Green Government rather than a National Government (even though National won more seats than Labour and Greens combined).

In just the last month the Government that Winston personally chose has:

  1. Whacked regions with a 14 cent petrol tax to pay for urban public transport
  2. Cut spending on state highways in the provinces
  3. Canned provincial irrigation schemes
  4. Banned all future offshore oil and gas prospecting

None of this was in the coalition agreement they signed. None of this would have happened if they had chosen a National-led Government. They have betrayed all their provincial and rural voters, and I am sure there will be utu come the next election.

What exactly have they got for their voters? A slush fund which is helping fund a cathedral! That’s really what people in the provinces need.

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