Latest poll dire for Labour

The latest One News Colmar Brunton poll is at Curia. It has Labour at 24% which puts them on the verge of having no List MPs at all, including Leader Andrew Little. It is no surpise that Little revealed he had talked to colleagues about whether he should quit.

This is the lowest result for Labour in the One News poll since 1996.

I have little doubt that a major factor in Labour’s decline is the Greens welfare policy and associated defence of welfare fraud. This appeals to hard left voters (so attracted some Labour voters) but puts more centrist voters off Labour as they realise that a Labour/Green government could end up with policies where you can stay on the dole for 15 years and never have to even attend a job interview.

So the Greens went up 4% and Labour down 3%. But it is silly to see this as a win for the left. Labour on 24% simply can’t credibly be seen to lead a Government.

And last election they dropped 4% from late July to the September election. If this happened again they’d end up on 20%.

Is it possible Little will resign in a desperate move to save his seat in Parliament, hoping Jacinda can keep them over 24%? They did this in 1990 with Palmer resigning for Moore six weeks out, and Jacinda is already on the billboards.

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