Turei was campaigning not working while stealing from taxpayers

Stuff reports:

Greens co-leader is under the spotlight for not looking for work while committing benefit fraud but spending time running for political parties. …

It’s now been revealed that Turei wasn’t working while studying for her law degree but was campaigning for two different political parties.

Yep. She could have been earning some money honestly. She had time to run for Parliament, so she could have had time for a part-time job. But instead she *chose* to steal from taxpayers. This was not something forced on her.

In 1993 she stood for the McGillicuddy Serious Party and in the 1996 election she campaigned for the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party.

Standing for Parliament and campaigning takes time.

“(Campaigning) took a little bit of time but this is the thing, people are entitled to have a decent life and I want every beneficiary to have enough money to be financially secure.”

So now we get to her real views. Taxpayers should not just fund her to be a mother, but also fund her enough so she doesn’t need to work and instead can have fun campaigning for political parties.

This is of course consistent with their policy to get rid of all work testing for benefits. They think taxpayers should fund people to be on welfare for as long as they want to with no requirement at all to seek work to help support themselves.

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