Two Green MPs resign over Turei

Stuff reports:

Two senior Green MPs have resigned in protest at their co-leader ’s refusal to step down in the wake of revelations she lied to obtain a benefit. 

and made the threat to quit in protest on Monday afternoon. It is understood their resignations were accepted and they will retire at the election.

The pair are two of the longest-serving members of the Green Party.

First congratulations to Graham and Clendon for putting principle first. A very brave thing to do.

It is good there are some in the that do not condone fraud and are willing to say so.

Green Party general manager Sarah Helm said the pair had done very little in the way of campaigning, and suggested they had been disgruntled for some time. 

“Neither of these candidates have been campaigning for us all year. David’s made one phone call, and Kennedy’s put in about three or four hours worth of calls. 

“My understanding is that both of them were not happy with their list placings either,” Helm said. 

Kennedy Graham was ranked No 8, only one lower than last time. This is a safe as houses ranking for him, so to suggest his resignation is not a matter of principle is just smearing him.

What this makes clear is how unstable a Labour-Green Government would be, with the Greens having split over Turei’s frauds.

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