Tamihere book launch

I was pleased to get an invite to, and attend, the book launch of “Black and White” be fellow blogger John Tamihere.

It was an excellent event, hosted at the Beehive. I was a bit alarmed that the only other right winger I could see there (not sure if Darren Hughes counts) was Roger Kerr. Nevertheless nice to catch up with lots of people.

Willie Jackson did a good job as the witty MC. He commented that he didn’t really think his triumphal return to Parliament would be to launch John Tamihere’s book, but he’ll take what he can.

Michael Cullen was, as usual, very funny. Highlight was his references to John managing to upset some of his colleagues occassionally and then checking to see if that was Tokelau calling on his cellphone.

Bob Jones told a funny story that I have already forgotten. but I do recall the part about how every other MP he has launched a book for has lost their seat or died at the next election.

John did the usual thank yous. One very sweet part was when he asked all his kids to come up and the youngest daughter (looked around 4) got bored so then went to in front on the podium and hugged the podium which had a big photo poster of Tamihere on there. Very soppy but very nice. The girls in the audience looked like they would cry!

On the way home I popped into Starfish to get fish and chips and started reading the book while I waited. As I left another customer commented to me that I was the sixth person they had seen reading that book tonight, so it must be very popular. I explained that the book launch had been just down the road, so obviously quite a few had the same idea for dinner.

The book is a very good read so far. I’ll do a review when finished but that may take a while as I have stuff on every night this week.

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