General Debate

need to do better at the general debate (the weekly one hour slag fest on Wednesdays) than they did today. Annette King wasted much of her speech suggesting that Brash was about to be rolled as Leader by Bill English, which really is one of the more stupid statements in recent time.

Sure it is a time honoured tradition that one almost always suggest a party leader is in danger of being rolled, but one has to judge the credibility of such claims. The idea with general debate is to promote theories that have *some* credibility, in the hope they may get wider currency.

But hello!! A new Leader who not only is only eight months in the job, but has created the largest increase for a major party in political polling history is the worse target one could pick for coup rumours. It just makes the rumour monger look rather stupid.

Talking of rumours though, it must soon be time to start speculating on Clark’s replacement after the election. Goff, Mallard and Maharey are probably the main contenders. It will be a contest.

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