The missing link!

had wondered whether John Tamihere had spoken directly to when dobbing Amokura Panoho for attending a Party meeting.

Yesterday at question time we found out that actually John tattled to Helen, and Helen told Ruth to take action.

Now Maharey is trying to say that Clark merely passed the information on, but is not the reality of how the system works. know from first hand experience that mere mention of the PM being concerned about something can send shockwaves through Departments. Likewise a sentence of praise on a memo is treasured and highlighted. There is no complacency around the office of the Prime Minister.

So when Dyson tells her CEO that the PM herself was expressing concern, will have a galvanising effect on the Department.

also have to wonder when the Government is going to stop lying about Amokura Panoho. Tamihere and Mallard have both already had to apologise. But then yesterday Tamihere states she attended the hui on wrk time, when it was in the evening, and Peters (almost part of the Govt now) suggests she used a work car to get to the hui, when again she didn’t.

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