Another bet

The Press reports from down south about a lovely chap called Toby Rikihana who at a select committee hearing told MPs they are “dummies”, “immigrants”, and “monkeys”.

Now I’m prepared to take a risk, and state that I will take bets at 10:1 odds that Mr Rikihana dervives 95% or more of his from the taxpayer either directly or indirectly.

So if he thinks that all non Maori are “merely immigrants” then perhaps he would like to return all the taxes mere immigrants have paid to him.

I also note a submission from the Action, Resource and Network of Aotearoa. It has been my experience that many of these groups are in a handful of people who think they sound more important with a title.

In a mate and I in the mid 90s wanted to put a press release out on some issue, and we realised that being from David and Mike won’t get carried by any media. So we brainstromed a name (I think it was the Campaign for Human Rights) invented a letterhaed and half an hour late did a press release. It got quite good coverage also.

Hmmn perhaps it is time to set up some new groups. Hopefully something more original than the “Horror Brigade of the Islamic Secret Army”.

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