Capital Coast Health elections

The final election guide (well for today anyway!).

There are a massive 40 people after 11 spots. have reviewed them all, and one piece of general advice is to almost always avoid professionals emplyed by the Board as they are motiviated by issues relating to their area, rather than to the wider health sector. This isn’t meant as a criticism, but recognising that they have a conflict of interest. People should read the conflicts of interest declarations closely and again generally avoid those who are conflicted.

will be ranking as follows:

1. Martin Devlin – an experienced director, professor of business who is committeed to making sure treatment is available when needed, not six months later. Sounds excellent.

2. Judith Aitken – competent and hard working. No conflicts

3. Andrew Clark – engineers are often very practical and good at governance.

4. Ken Douglas – has been a good Councillor for Porirua City and an experienced Director.

5. Virignia Breen – good governace and management experience

6. Chris Turver – incumbent, competent, hard working.

7. Wayne Mulligan – specialises in governance and systems.

8. Averill Wotton – has managed and owned her own private hospital.

9. Arby Mitiena – has a good background in management

10. Alick Shaw – might be getting too busy as Deputy Mayor also, but will be a sensible member.

11. Mike Gibson – Regional Council a better forum for him, but would be okay here.

12. Ian Shearer current board member. Experienced.

13. Annette Bridgman – might be okay, good ideas, but not enough background to know if she can deliver

14. Diane Brown – has some experience. Probably okay.

15. Greg Day – claims to have 30 years executive experience but gives no details to verify. Could be okay but bland statement.

16. Chris Rivers – useful background. Looks okay.

17. Peter Dady – does good work but is employed by ccDHB and conflicted.

18. Geoff Savell – conflicted – a pharmcist.

19. Donald Urquhart-Hay – senior surgeon. Only focus in on pressuring Government for more money, not on how to imrpove the local hospitals.

20. Mary Mason – no skills listed, bland statement.

21. Ruth Bradwell – only background is she is a doctor

22. Robert Shaw – rather unfocused.

23. Ailsa Jacobson – former staff member, which might be her motivation to stand.

24. Brendon Bowkett – employed by CCDHB, conflicted

25. Rose McEldowney – single issue person.

26. Rebecca Golledge – needs more experience.

27. Bice Awan – conflicted, too much jargon

28. Ruth Gotlieb – from a previous era.

29. Kent Clark – one needs more than a memorable name to get my vote

30. Mark Hakiwai – his organisation is funded by CCDHB so conflicted.

31. Mike Gourley – is a single issue lobbyist, not a director.

32. Linda Hobman – a politician, not a director.

33. Tino Pereira – his bio makes it sounds like he was elected last time, but he was appointed. A partisan flunkie.

34. Margaret Faulkner – a flunkie with few skills for this job.

35. Maree Howden – no skills listed.

36. Sharman Buckle – no relevant background, needs more than an interest.

37. Andy Smith – totally conflicted, no relevant skills to be a director.

38. Michael Appleby – single issue cannablis law reform candidate

39. Sarah Porter – an activist not a director.

40. Helene Ritchie – need comment?

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