Wellington Regional Council Elections

WRC has twelve members elected, being five from Wellington, three from Lower Hutt, two from Wairarapa, and one each from Kapiti Coast, Porirua and Upper Hutt.

My views on the Wellington candidates are again below:

Judith AItken – rank highly – former CEO, hard working and high profile.
Sally Baber – swapping from WCC to WRC, also worth ranking in top five, sensible.
Hugh Barr – having tramped many times from Makara to Island Bay, I support his work to upgrade and progress this trail.
Mike Gibson – independent, verging on maverick according to some, Michael is string on accountability which is worth supporting.
Fran Wilde – I’ll rank No 1. Fran has a proven track record of achievement and will be a huge asset to WRC. Could well become Chair.

They will be my top five. Turner and McDavitt look pretty good also. Laidlaw should be ranked bottom.

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