David Irving

has had her stunt and tried to board a plane to NZ, and been refused. The media of course couldn’t resist photos and stories, even though everone knew it was just a stunt – Irving didn’t even bring luggage with him.

Iriving is a racist, a bigot and a very nasty piece of work. However by banning him from visiting NZ, the Government has given him far far more publicity both in NZ, and world-wide, than if he had visited.

If he had visited he would have been a two day wonder, and he probably would have been humuliated as people could have questioned him about his views, which do not stand up to scrutiny.

Kiwi Pundit is very upset that Helen Clark has admitted that someone is banned from NZ, because of their views.

No Right Turn mades the very valid point that freedom of speech is not there to protect people with popular views.

New blogger Rich disagrees.

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