Kerry is such a dick

am starting to think that Kerry is a moron. After a Senator from his own party rips his Senate voting record to shreds, his only comeback is “Nah nah nah I went to Vietnam and Dick and George didn’t”.

This story on Yahoo News covers his response.

He says he is “not going to have my commitment to defend this country questioned by those who refused to serve”, totally missing the point that speaker after speaker never questioned his commitment, they questioned his judgement.

He went on to say “The vice president even called me unfit for office last night. guess I’ll leave it up to the voters whether five deferments makes someone more qualified to defend this nation than two tours of duty.”

If Kerry thinks a tour of duty in Vietname qualifies him to be President, he is desperate. don’t give a shit over what he did 30 years ago in a jungle. What matters is his total inability to articulate a clear position on the major issues of the day, and a voting and speaking record in the Senate for 20 years that demonstrates such poor judgement, not even Kerry is willing to defend his own record. He just keeps harping back to “I’m a war hero so you must vote for me”.

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