Both the NBR and have in recent weeks printed confirmation that the much hunted MediaCow was David Young, so I am probably to mention it here for the few people who do not read either publication.

David’s ‘confession’ is in his latest business column for the Listener.

When MediaCow first emerged, there were furious hunts for his or her identity. I recall being asked by several and journalists if it was me. My funniest memory was having my employer ask me not once but twice. After I denyed it was me initially, I got asked again a couple of days later along the lines of “I know I have already asked you if you were MediaCow and you denied it, but now it is really important that I know if it is you so can you own up, if it is, so we can work out to to handle this”.

Oh and as I have linked through to the Listener, can I also suggest people read the editorial as a seriously despressed, probably near suicidal Gordon Campbell, concedes the election to Bush stating “In a year when almost anyone could have beaten Bush, the have succeeded in selecting one of the most unappealing candidates in living memory

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