My Labour reshuffle

The Dominion Post has an article on the possible details of Labour’s year end reshuffle.

Basically they are tipping Hawkins being a goneburger, Mallard to drop education, King retain health, Burton becomes Speaker, and possible promotions for O’Connor, Chadwick and Fairbrother.

At this rate, Moana Mackey will be the only Labour MP not to have an appointment of some sort!

If Labour wanted to be bold, they would cut the deadwood. Here’s my list of what a smart PM would do:

Maharey – Education (parents do not like Mallard)
King – make Speaker
Hodgson – Health (he was a vet, so that’s a start)
Mallard – Welfare (Maharey never looks credible when trying to talk tough)
Hawkins – dump (for obvious reasons)
Parekura – move sideways, perhaps Associate Foreign Affairs where incomprehensible statements are normal.
Tamihere – Affairs
Burton – move sideways, perhaps Hodgson’s old
Barker – dump (not a performer)
Tizard – dump (does nothing but social functions)
Samuels – dump (only there as a make up for being dumped the 1st time)
Duynhoven – dump (listens to LTSA)
Field – dump (has no full portfolios)
Robertson – make Minister of Health (yes I am joking)
Barnett – promote
Cosgrove – poison
Chadwick – promote

It will be interesting when Hunt gets appointed High Commissioner. He may have one of the shortest terms ever.

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