September the 11th

Well am 37 today. Yes I have a very easy to remember birth date.

Despite being a silly age (after 30 one should only celebrate every five years reckon), I have used it as an excuse for celebrations.

Last night had at the Backbencher with what call my political mates. It was also the ten year anniversary of an event leading to a particular display, so the location was apt.

Tonight am catching up with some of what I call my “normal” friends. For some reason my political friends object to my clasifications of friends as normal and political 🙂

Sunday will be a family lunch. So not too bad to get three days worth of activity out of a silly birthday.

Not many (other) famous people were born on September 11. Thew new Syrian dictator, Bashar al-Assad, was born a year before me, and singer Harry Connick, Jr. on the same day.

A few anniversaries on day, apart from the obvious one. It is the day Australia invaded New Britain, the day US troops crossed into Germany in 1944, the day of the Pinochet coup in Chile, and the day the Starr Report was sent to the US Congress.

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