I’ve had next to no voice for the last few days, as I battle a cold. And as luck had it, TV3 wanted to interview me on Tuesday for their item on the NZ Film Commission getting an Australian web design firm to do their website, as no NZ firm was deemed capable.

Being a media whore, I would have happily take part, but the idea of using sign language to talk wasn’t appealing, so it got passed onto someone else from InternetNZ.

Not that I am a believer that one must always use a local company, over an overseas one. However as the NZ Film Commission has a mission of promoting local artistic ability, their actions were a bit hypocritical.

Also web design is not a rare commodity. There are literally hundreds of design firms in NZ (many top class), and the claim by NZFC that no firm in NZ could perform the work was crap in my opinion. If they said hey the Aussies can do it for one third the price, that would be different.

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