Hubbard sues

I can’t say I am surprised that Dick Hubbard is suing the NBR. The volume and ferocity of their “expose” last week was huge, even for NBR’s standards.

There can be no doubt the collective effect of the ten articles was to lower Hubbard’s reputation, so any trial will hinge on truth as a defence.

I also noticed a couple of interesting things over on Aaron Bhatnagar’s blog. Mr Hubbard appears to be a reader of Aaron’s blog and refused to attend a public meeting because of it.

More fascinating was the item that Fletcher told Hubbard “I was prepared to stand down and endorse you, but I’d rather have Banks now, because I’ve seen through your soul”.

This was on TV3, yet amazingly has not been covered by the NZ Herald. Considering how much Fletcher detested Banks, and that she has made defeating Banks the central pane of her existence for the last three years, to endorse Banks over Hubbard is simply incredible.

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