A great plan

I have consistently been impressed with how Ngai Tahu has managed itself, and the approx $140 million treaty settlement – especially compared to Tainui.

The Press reports on their latest plan, which is to set up individual savings plans for every member of the Iwi. Ngai Tahu will match dollar for dollar contributions to each person’s savings plans, which can only be used for education, a home or retirement.

It’s basically a family trust, but for a whanau of 34,000.

I cam only admire a plan which is “targeted at smashing the culture of welfare dependence of Maori”, “encouraging smart savings and creating long-term wealth” and “It’s going to take the burden off the State in the future”.

And best of all, the wisdom in this “”We won’t get our sovereignty by running to the Crown. We’ll get it by giving people wealth and giving them opportunity in life.”

This is what partnership is about. The Crown has settled the historical grievances, and the Iwi is getting on with it.

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