VUWSA elections

Elections for VUWSA start on Monday.

Salient has the bios of the candidates.

VUWSA has not had a good year last year with revelations that $130,000 has gone missing from Ngai Tauira which is fully funded by VUWSA out of compulsory membership fees. have a high incidence rate of fraud, partly because with compulsory membership one feels less protective of funds, when no matter hopw lax you are with them, no-one can resign in protest and/or stop paying.

I know quite a few of the candidates, and I urge any who want a more accountable VUWSA to vote for:

President: Michael Collins

Women’s Rights Officer: Kerry O’Connor

Council Representative: Michael “seal” Mabbett

General Exec: Brendan Jarvis, David Cassidy and Hannah Collings

Unlike Nigel, I am delighted Nick Kelly is unoppossed for Welfare VP. The more people see of Nick, the more the future of capitalism is assured.

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